Rooting from leaves

Submitted by robert on Thu, 08/02/2018 - 08:26
Mini succulent

Inspired by an instructables I decided to try it myself.. Propagate succulents from leaves.

Well, it actually works :) I made a timelapse which is not too clear, but I will try to make a better one my second attempt.

Rest of the story will follow once I further configured my website.

A picture is uploaded every ten minutes: Leaf

At time of writing (08-08-2018) nothing interesting yet, but it will come.. Hopefully :)

20-09-2018: Yay, it works. Too bad something went wrong with the time lapse, so the actual time the leaf starts to appear is missing. So I'll probably make another one. Maybe from a different type of succulent, if I've got one that works.